REVIEW: Sweet Talk Me by Kieran Kramer

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In Sweet Talk Me by Kieran Kramer, True Maybank is knee deep in wedding plans when her childhood best friend, and the guy to whom she lost her v-card, Harrison Gamble shows up in town unannounced. He left Biscuit Creek, South Carolina, ten years ago, right after their only night of bliss and has gone on to become a country music superstar. True tells herself that the fluttering in her belly is only wedding jitters as she puts what she thinks will be the final touches on her plans to wed attorney Dubose Waring. It’s not due to facing Harrison again. But they are forced to spend time together while he finalizes some family obligations. With Dubose out of town on a business Blame It on the Rodeotrip, the old feelings True had for Harrison fight their way back to the surface. Then her entire life becomes one fiasco after another until she can’t tell which way she should turn.

“All I’m asking for is some discretion. I don’t need any paparazzi coming through Biscuit Creek stirring up trouble.”

“As if I would ever talk about you. Real men don’t gossip. We just do the things other people like to gossip about.”

Harrison Gamble left his brother, Gabe, and his best friend & love of his life, True, behind for Nashville a decade ago. Armed with his second hand guitar, he became a country music success and has enjoyed the lifestyle that comes with it. He just never knew that he would feel so lonely in the midst of all the people with which he is constantly surrounded. Seeing True out on the street, looking so prim and proper, is like a shock to his system. His feelings for her have never really gone away. Harrison finds himself back in Biscuit Creek facing his old home and old insecurities. He knows True isn’t happy or madly in love with Dubose. She’s only marrying him out of her sense of duty and fulfilling her parents wishes. Now if he can convince the only woman he’s ever loved to take a chance on finding something true with him…

“You’re with the wrong man,” he said, “and we both know it.”

The anger flared up high. “You don’t have any right to say that to me.”

“I can say anything I want. And so can you. You seem to have forgotten that. Or maybe you never learned.”

Is there anything better than a second chance romance? Sweet Talk Me is the kind of story that gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling and instills the hope that true love will win every time.

Kieran Kramer is a new author for me, and I found that I really enjoyed her writing style. There’s lots of laughter, bushels full of Southern charm, and also some really deep emotional connections between the characters. All of the major players in this story are about to make some big changes in their lives, so this was a look at them coming to terms with what needs to happen next. We have True embarking on her nuptials, Harrison at a crossroads in his songwriting, Gabe stuck in a rut and not able to move forward, True’s sister Weezie ready to jump into her college days, and even True’s BFF Carmela pushing to improve her business and find a man. A lot going on in one novel, but it all works together seamlessly.

I couldn’t help but root for True and Harrison to get back together the whole time I read this. Dubose and his mother were stuck up and condescending, I thought, so for me there was no love lost there. And Harrison and True had such a great foundation of friendship and love between them that anyone could see they were meant to be together. Which the townsfolk and their friends mentioned throughout the story. They did have some pretty big obstacles standing in their way: Harrison’s successful career and True’s determination to honor her parent’s wishes. But suffice it to say that love can conquer just about anything. And they had such tremendous chemistry together that even ten years of being apart didn’t stop their desire for one another.

Sweet Talk Me is a fun, sassy romance with tons of down home charm. I think you’ll enjoy visiting the Lowcountry of South Carolina and all the unique characters in Kieran Kramer’s newest offering.

Book Info:

4SPublished March 25th 2014 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

He’s sure got a way with words…

The last person True Maybank expected to run into while picking up her wedding gown was country music superstar Harrison Gamble. Years ago, when they were small-town teens in Biscuit Creek, South Carolina, they shared a forbidden night of passion. Now that she’s about to settle down, True’s love affair with the handsome crooner is a thing of the past. Or is it? From the moment he says hello, she has to fight swooning like an adoring fan.

Can she resist his charms?

Today he’s rich, famous, and on every woman’s hot list. But back in the day, Harrison wasn’t good enough for debutante True. Since then she’s had her fair share of marital prospects, including the perfect Southern gentleman she’s about to settle down with. Is Harrison the only one to realize the mistake True’s about to make? Can the society girl and the sexy singer make music together—this time around?



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  1. Sharlene Wegner

    Kieran’s Impossible Bachelors series is excellent, if you want to check out her historical romance! I am so looking forward to reading this contemporary romance! Thanks for the review!