Review: Under Her Spell by Eliza Daly

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 Under Her Spell by Eliza Daly



Publisher: Crimson Romance (October 15, 2012)

Book Info:

When a series of failed relationships and business ventures has Monica Jackson doubting her self-worth, she turns to spell casting to attract positive energy and the opportunities needed to achieve her goals. But can Monica’s belief in spells restore her belief in herself?

Monica creates a spell to find her soul mate, and one to ensure the success of her new romantic event planning company, Enhance Your Romance. Monica is confident she has found her niche until divorce lawyer Reed Walker opens a practice next door to her office. The anti-marriage slogan plastered on his office window and his down-on-love clients quickly prove detrimental to Monica’s business. When his arrival appears to trigger a string of bad luck, Monica fears one of her spells sent negative energy into the universe and it has returned to her threefold. Although Reed is beyond sexy, and she admires his self-confidence, she’ll do whatever it takes to get the universe back on her side, and Reed out of her life. No way is she losing another business.

Reed finds himself attracted to Monica’s beauty and her optimism. His job and his parents’ divorce have made him a pessimist, especially when it comes to love. However, he soon finds that Monica’s pro-love attitude is rubbing off on him, causing him to lose his edge. If Reed doesn’t distance himself from Monica, he’ll likely destroy his reputation as a pit bull divorce lawyer.

Can Monica and Reed look past what they might be losing to realize the love they have found?

Sensuality Level: Sensual


Under Her Spell is a fun sexy romance of opposites attract.

Monica has spent a lot of time opening and closing businesses, now she is a romantic event planner. But things are not going her way so she has cast a spell to bring her success and bring her soul mate too. That is until Reed Walker divorce lawyer moves in next door. How can she bring people together when the guy next door is driving them apart?

Reed is a pessimist when it comes to love. After his parent’s divorce and seeing all he has in his job he now wants justice for all those injured in a marriage.

Reed doesn’t agree with Monica when it comes to love, but he can’t seem to like when she is negative about it the way he is. He is charmed by her and can’t stop thing and lusting after her, and Monica feels the same way. But their jobs are complete opposites. How can they have something together when as soon as something from their jobs come up they go at each other’s throat? Of course Reed just likes the way that Monica’s eyes light up when she is fired up so he will do many things just to rile her up.

But they will have to compromise if they want to have their HEA, otherwise they will loose the only person that has made them feel complete and happy for the first time in their life.

Sparks and fun and steamy scenes are all over this book. I loved it and had lots of fun while reading it. I couldn’t put the book down while trying to find out if lust turned into a true love that Reed and Monica would fight for. If you like a fun and sexy read this is the book for you. ☺



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