REVIEW: Almost Mine by Lea Darragh

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In Almost Mine by Lea Darragh, Nick has always been Cate’s safe place to go whenever things got bumpy in Almost-Mine-by-Lea-Darraghher life. He has always been there for her even when she has made really bad choices and not judging her likes other have. And when she did some really bad things he was always there for her and knew what to do even if she didn’t.

There were a few times when things got farther than just friendship and then Cate would just push Nick away, and even then he would stay by her side. Unfortunately in one of those little more than friend times, Cate ends up pregnant. Nick being the guy he is proposes to her and she accepts, but not only because she loves him, also because she can’t do this alone. The only problem is that she loves him but she is not in love with him.

After years of being married Cate’s feelings for Nick start to grow, but in a crisis now it’s Nick the one pushing her away and moves out to live in his office. Now it will be up to Cate to win Nick back and show him that their love and marriage is worth fighting for.

This is a very realistic and sweet story that will break your heart. As you read you will see how the characters grow from teens to the adults they are now, and the changes that each went through throughout the years. The background is a little more extended than I would have liked, but it was nice to love and hate both characters at different points in their lives.

For a sweet and heartbreaking romance don’t miss Almost Mine by Lea Darragh.

Book Info:

4SNovember 1st 2013 by Escape Publishing

An emotional novel about not seeing what’s right in front of you — and not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Cate has always taken Nick for granted. Through a wild youth of mistakes, bad choices, and self-destructive behaviour, Nick has been the one thing that Cate could count on. She knows he loves her, but she can’t love him back. He’s too perfect, too strong, too caring. She has darkness in her that can’t handle that much light.

When an unexpected pregnancy forces them into a marriage of convenience, Cate hopes that Nick can love her enough for the both of them. But as time passes, Nick grows frustrated and finally decides to cut himself loose. Will his absence prove to Cate just how much she needs him?

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